The cost and delivery term of your order are estimated depend on your request.
The estimation is performed according to mean of transport and destination.
We deliver orders anywhere in Vietnam and to 230 countries all over the world.

If your order total amounts to

5000$ or more,

we will deliver your order to any place in Vietnam


Shipping methods

By sea or by air delivery

You can also receive your order in Free Trade Zone store.

Payment: T/T or L/C with big order

Pay the courier on delivery.
Pay with a Visa or Master Visa card either when you place an order in our store, or right on delivery—the courier has the terminal.
Print and pay the receipt, then send the scanned copy of the received payment document to
Cashless payment (invoices). This method is best for organizations. Place an order, print the received invoice, pay it, and contact us to know the order delivery date.
Payment via mobile phone