The AGRI-FOOD VIETNAM is an agricultural and food export community that was established by reputable and large manufacturers and exporters in the field of Vietnamese agricultural products and food, in order to promote the export of agri-food products. Vietnamese branded foods, fruits, vegetables, and beverages to the world during and after the Covid19 pandemic.

The goal of AGRI-FOOD VIETNAM is to create a thriving and reputable export community of agricultural products and food. Promoting the export of Vietnamese goods and Vietnamese brands to the world. Improve the value and image of Vietnamese agricultural products and foods in the global market.

Currently, the AGRI-FOOD VIETNAM Community has over 100 official members who are reputable and quality Manufacturers and Exporters, whose goods are being exported abroad, to the most demanding markets such as the EU, America, Japan. In addition, there are currently more than 300 business profiles waiting to be appraised to become an official member of the AGRI-FOOD VIETNAM Community.

The foundation for the outstanding success of AGRI-FOOD VIETNAM:
- Having a network of importers, distributors, and retail chains worldwide.
- Building a worldwide network of customers, partners and agents (including locals and overseas Vietnamese).
- There is close support and coordination of the Government of Vietnam, Ministries, Sectors, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Association.
- There is close support and coordination of Vietnam Embassy and Trade Office around the world.
- 24/7 export promotion and e-commerce transaction floor https://agri-food.vn and https://farmfood.vn
- Financial support system, logistic support, support to build and develop export brands, legal support... for Vietnamese export enterprises.
- System of experts, most of the personnel with more than 20 years of experience, a network of professional collaborators in marketing, import and export, finance, logistics, and law.

In addition to 24/7 export promotion activities, AGRI-FOOD VIETNAM also supports members with the following important service:
- Agri-Food Vietnam provides financial, logistic, legal, branding, production management, etc. support for Vietnamese businesses. Verify the capacity of the importer.
- Agri-Food Vietnam supports manufacturing enterprises to complete the production process, apply for product quality certificates, improve packaging and labels... and jointly invest in production with reputable enterprises.
- Agri-Food Vietnam creates a closed ecosystem to ensure the quality and reputation of Vietnamese products from the moment of offering, exporting and taking care of customers after sales. Create long-term, good, responsible relationships between suppliers and buyers.

The mission of AGRI-FOOD VIETNAM is to export Vietnam's brands and agricultural products to the world. Building a good image, so that Vietnam becomes a prestigious production, trading and distribution center for agricultural products and food for the global market.