Vietnam Weasel Legend Coffee - 250g

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Minimum quantity for "Vietnam Weasel Legend Coffee - 250g" is 1.


Weasel Legend coffee is the marvelous gift that the Nature bestowed on man. Being very gourmet animals, Vietnamese Civet Cats - Weasels just pick only the very fragrant and succulent ripeness berries. Under the effect of fermentation of enzymes, coffee taste has changed significantly. Has known as really strong and bitter drink, Weasel coffee now have the fragnant combination of fresh soil, subtle sweet of syrup with lightly hint of chocolate and caramel. It has a net weight of 250g.

How to use: 

Machine or filter
1. Prepareing intrustments. 

2. Put coffee powder inside (about 20g). Gently shake and press the cap inside. 

3. Pour 15ml of boiling water. Wait until coffee fully absorbed (about 30 second).

4. Fill up with boiling water. 

5. Add more 40ml of boiling water. Wait until coffee finish dripping then enjoy with sugar or milk; hot or with ice.